Liverpool Fringe comes to Warrington

In a fantastic one off event emerging Liverpool based Theatre Company, mightychondrion, performed the comic play, The Ruination of Isaiah Squiff, for Performing Arts students at Warrington Collegiate.

A multi-talented cast of three amazing performers also ran a question and answer session with the students, sharing some stage secrets and exploring characterization, taking the students through the process used in rehearsal of experimenting with different tones and with different character intentions.

19 year old, Jessica Scotson, studying Performing Arts at Warrington Collegiate says, “This was an amazing experience.  Having watched the play we were then able to explore how the characters interacted and suggest different ways of playing the role. The cast then performed a series of short extracts from the play to illustrate the tonal shifts which was really interesting. It was great working alongside professional actors; it gives you a tremendous insight into how the industry works.”

Michael Smith, Head of Creative and Digital Industries at Warrington Collegiate, says, “It was a great opportunity for the students to work with talented actors who have such a good understanding of the text. It helped the students gain a better understanding of the play in performance as well as work on some of the key themes such as aspects of characterisation, giving them a firm understanding of the context.”

The Ruination of Isaiah Squiff is a new play written by Tim Tricker, directed by Paul James Furlong and starring David Ward as Isaiah Squiff  and is  playing in locations around the North West.

The central character, Isaiah Squiff, played by David Ward, variously described as visionary, a revolutionary and a scientific genius gradually comes apart as the play progresses. Isaiah is seemingly on the verge of a breakthrough in the "exciting" field of ophthalmology; but the stress of research and being your own lab rat take their toll.   In this darkly comic play, distractions, subterfuge and manipulation  in the form of his quirky colleague (and fellow guinea pig) Lucas Pennyfeather , played by James Dorman, and the stunning pharmaceutical prodigy, Miss Mercy Clitheroe, a great portrayal by Charlotte Cumming, result in a character on the inevitable  downward spiral. During the performance the students were invited to bear witness to a unique mind on a journey of discovery, the faults of humanity and finally to The Ruination of Isaiah Squiff himself.

mightychondrion Theatre Company is an emerging Liverpool based theatre company, created through collaboration with Old Piano Films.

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